Do you have a teenage dog that needs training?

Did you attend puppy class and they seem to have forgotten everything they learnt?
Or maybe you've just adopted an adolescent dog?

Do you find yourself standing alone while your dog runs off into the distance ignoring you?
Do your arm muscles ache after taking your dog out for a walk from all the pulling? 
Would you like a dog that comes back to you when you call and walks nicely next to you? 

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions you are not alone, and we can help! 

Our Troublesome Teens Course is designed for dogs that are 6 months and older with the focus being on building the relationship between you and your dog so your dog WANTS to do as you ask and be with you.

Please note this course is not for dog or people reactive/aggressive dogs.

Class Dates

Monday 12th August - 7pm-8pm - Central Bark Parnell - FULL!
Monday 7th October - 7pm-8pm - Central Bark Parnell


There are a selection of packages available when enrolling in our Troublesome Teens Class:

Basic Package $199 Dog Training
Extra Package $219 Dog Training
Deluxe Package $249 Dog Training

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