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This wobble bowl makes feeding fun and mentally challenging for your dog

Because of its bowl shape, the LickMat Wobble adds a new dimension of fun to LickiMat games since the dog has to work harder to lick out the food while the bowl is moving around.

By spreading your pet’s favourite soft treat over the surface, you create a tasty fun game with them having seek out every morsel with their tongue. 

Repetitive licking can be self soothing for your pet, releasing a calming hormone into the body, which is great for calming pets before a procedure/treatment e.g. at vets or groomers 

You won't have to worry about over feeding because Lickimat makes a small tasty treat last longer. The fact your dog has to lick the food of enhances the sense of taste, allowing your pet to enjoy just a small amount of food

Supervise your pet for first few times until you are sure they will not chew mat

Made from natural rubber

Size: 15 x 15 x 9.5 cm

SKU: 10028 TAGS: Dishwasher Safe, Freezer Safe, Nose Fun, Raw Feeding, Slow Feeder, Lickable

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