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Walk = Adventure = FUN!

A walk shouldn't just be a should be an adventure!

Your dog relies on you to take them out, you are their source of fun. When you take them out try to remember it's not necessarily about the distance covered, but more the fun you have on the way. 

This morning Keira and I went to the beach. We only went up and down once...really not very far. Whilst doing it I noticed several people and their dogs walking up and down the beach many times in the time it took us to do it once. Why? Because we stopped and did many many things on the way!

As always, Keira got to sniff lots and lots. Sniffing is essential for your dog; let them do it! We then played a bit of 'where's Mum gone now??" Tee hee hee! Finding random things to hide behind so she has to find me has always been a favourite game. Today there wasn't much to hide behind so I just went as low as possible on the sand.
We of course incorporated some training into our walk. Keira was asked to walk to heel for short periods throughout, with her reward being hearing the cue 'off you go!' (Which means free time to do whatever she wants.)
We also stopped for some photo posing opportunities using some yummy treats.
Keira paddled (bit cold for either of us to swim!!), then we had fun running along opposite sides of a stream (few weird looks from other beach goers!).
Keira found a fish head (yuck!) and then found something gross to roll in (probably the rest of the fish!) and was promptly called away. Keira also found some seagulls to chase.

So much adventure in just a short time! Have fun with your dog!
We would love to know what you get up to on adventures


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