Set Up For Success

You’re out walking your dog and they’re off leash, if you were to just stop walking, stand still where you were, no prompting, no nagging, no calling your dog back to you, what would happen? Have you ever tried it? Where would your dog be?Very quickly this is where my do...
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Accept the blame!

November 28, 2018
Just the other day I got home to this:...
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Dogs Aren't Preprogrammed

November 10, 2017
Dogs can learn very quickly that us using certain words or actions means we want them to do something in particular. However, they do not come to us pre-programmed with these behaviours, they have to learn them. Sometimes I get asked what is the word to make my dog do this o...
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Recall is getting your dog to come back to you when you call them, sounds simple right? Unfortunately many dogs and their owners struggle with this skill, quite often people find themselves wondering, why doesn’t my dog want to come back? In truth, it’s not that the dog ...
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