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Train FOR the situation rather than IN the situation!

This is one of the most important concepts in training. Aim to get yourself and your dog prepped with the skills you will need out in the real world, by practising them at home or in a controlled training environment first.

If you were a rugby player, you wouldn’t just be thrown out on the pitch as an All Black. You would have to attend lots and lots of practice sessions first to develop your skills. You would practice so much that those skills become like second nature to you.
If you were a plumber you wouldn’t just walk into someone’s house, play around with the pipes and hope that you got it right and didn’t spring a leak.

The same thing goes with our dogs, work on the skill at home before taking it out on the road and you will have huge success.

At home, or in a controlled training environment, you can take your time and practice with minimal pressure. The more you enjoy the learning process the quicker you’ll learn; it is the same for your dog - which is why we train through game play!

Entering the outside world with your skills ready to go creates a much more relaxed and successful experience for everyone.

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