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Why is rest important for your dog?

Dogs should be resting 12-14 hours a day. Puppies, seniors and unwell dogs need more!

Just like us dogs can get cranky if they are not getting enough rest!

Signs your dog is not getting enough rest:

  • Unwanted and unpredictable behaviours
  • Lower tolerance and increased irritability
  • Illness and itchiness

How to encourage your dog to rest:

  • Comfy places to sleep
  • Minimal disturbances in a quiet and peaceful area
  • Calm chewing and licking
  • Teach them a calming behaviour such as boundary or crate work
  • Natural remedies and veterinary medicines may be required for some dogs

Teaching your dog to nothing and just relax is very important!

A well-rested dog has:

  • An improved learning ability
  • Higher tolerance levels
  • Better brain development
  • A calmer demeanour

Does dog struggle with relaxing? Get in touch and we can work together to teach them how to relax and be calm. 


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