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It’s nearly that time of year! Soon we’ll hear fireworks going off on a nightly basis.

While we often find them spectacular to watch, many of our pets find them VERY scary. Unfortunately, we can’t explain to them that it is just a firework and that they can actually be quite pretty to watch. Our pets just don’t see them that way.

There are a few things you can do that may help your pet. Remember it’s not a one solution fits all. You may have to try a few things before you find one that works, or you may need to try a combination of things together. 
  • Keep them near you: This can help calm your pets. It will make them feel safe and more secure.
  • Keep them inside: Being inside reduces the noise from the fireworks and drawing the curtains/blinds will prevent any potential visual.
  • Make a den: It offers comfort and can reduce the noise from the fireworks. You could make them a den just like you used to as a child.Your pet may hide behind the sofa or under the bed. Let them be where they feel safe; let them hide.
  • Clothing: Wearing clothes can help relax pets. There are jackets available that have been designed for pets to wear during high anxiety periods to make them feel calmer. (Make sure they like wearing clothes, you don’t want to scare them more!!
  • Noise: The radio or TV can help reduce the noise from outside. You may need to turn the volume up louder than usual because of their highly sensitive hearing.
  • Entertainment: Get your pet doing something to take their mind of the fireworks. Get them practising tricks, or hide treats around the house, or you could even create an indoor obstacle course…anything that will distract them.
  • Holistic remedies: There are some essences that can help calm your pet. Make sure that they are safe to use first.
  • Training remedies: Talk to your trainer or behaviourist as they may have some exercises to put in place to help desensitise your pet to the fireworks.
  • Medical remedies: If you are seriously concerned about your pet hurting themselves during fireworks then talk to your vet about prescription medication. 
Hopefully some of the above tips may help you and your pet. These tips aren’t going to make your pet suddenly love fireworks, they’re helping them be less scared and able to cope with the fireworks.


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