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Stop Behaving Like A Toddler

As many of your will know, I have an 18 month old daughter.

She is going through the ‘no’ stage. It feels like her answer to so much is ‘no, no, no’
It’s can be seriously frustrating!!
No, you don’t want to have water?
No, you don’t want a drink at all?
No, you don’t want that cup?
No, because you need a straw?
Honestly sometimes it’s working through 20 questions to guess what it is she doesn’t want.

Now, I know that the reason she’s doing it is to do with her knowing she doesn’t want something, but being unable to elaborate exactly what. It must be pretty frustrating for her too!

But do you know what I realised? Our poor dogs!!
Here’s me getting frustrated at a small human for only saying no without further information, yet I see people do it with their dogs ALL the time.
The adult human becomes the no saying toddler!

Sometimes I think dogs deserve saint hoods for the poor communication they put up with from us.
Remember just saying no doesn’t help your dog understand what they should be doing. Take the time to teach them what you would like and help them get it right.

If you need help with any dog training struggles get in touch 🐾


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